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soul readings and energy healing work

Sonya is an empath, intuitive, energy worker who uses various modalities in soul readings that help many who are challenged and are in need of direction or looking for a connection to their loved ones who hae passed on.  She also, performs soul-paintings a soul readings for those who are looking for something more intense which she calls Soul Animations.  Through her deep awareness and connected inner consciousness she is ha the ability to help others along their journey.  If you are in the process of change, looking for direction, or faced with a problem Sonya can help you.  Many of us feel alone spiritually ad long for help that is instrumental in helping us making decisions along our path Sonya can help you .  You don't have to walk alone we are all connected by  the forces of the Universe and the Spirit which enables us o hep each other.  Sonya is also gifted in energy healing work one on one or at a distant.  She is available for sessions over the phone, skype or other options.  She woks with many modalities for energy healing and readings to help ensure the clearest vibration possible.  Her understanding of the spiritual realm expands beyond many belief systems which does not inhibit her healing reading energy.  If you are looking for a true mentor, or real help Sonya is available for one on one sessions.  Having been an intuitive seer her whole life Sonya is gifted with a Divine Source connection.  If you have suffered trauma in your past and are plagued with anxiety disorders, fear or night mares Sonya can help you heal the wounds of your past through soul retrieval.  You have help to change your life and can be free to experience life in fulness without the past plaguing you.  If you are interested please watch her videos and end experience her energy.  If you are interested please contact Sonya for more information or if you hav any questions she would be more than helpful.  
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