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Welcome to Soul Animations, Inc., this is a page that exhibits some of my energy artwork that is one of my great passions in my life.  Energy art is a powerful expression of my gift as an artist to convey on to the canvas supernatural energy, that I feel a deep connection to from the Universe and Spirit as I am painting.  It is a" Divining Source" of colorful illumination that connects to the world around me and to others personally who have commissioned me for "soul readings".   Others commission my energy " windows", or vortexes because they are inspired to use energy to create flow, vibration, and light that emanates a particular energy into their surroundings.  My art has also  helped those who are in need of healing or suffering from depressions and etc.  Each energy piece of art I create comes with a specific  personal reading that I have received about the artwork while creating the beauty and powerful energy out of the vortex of Light.  I love to use textures, colors, additional mediums that I may drawn to at the time.   Please enjoy my energy, passion and art, if you are interested in having a "soul reading" painted for you personally, someone else or are looking for that perfect piece of art to bring powerful energy into your personal sacred space please contact me for more information.

" He who paints from within, paints with the eyes of the soul and the beauty that is created from that place is genuine in it's raw powerful form bringing to life the energy of the heart on to canvas like the stroke of lightning from the Divine"

" Art is the song of the soul that is sung in many colors... Sometimes dazzling, brilliant, deep, dark, sad, happy or mysterious.  The one who hears the melody understands the story "

Sonya Kay Spellerberg

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