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Who am I?  I am a child of the Creator, who lives and breathes through me, making me a vessel of Light to help change the world.  Where once I was asleep I am now awake to a new awareness of the power of creation and manifestation of this expansive Universe.  My past experiences have included raising 4 children, including 10 grandchildren and starting multiple successful companies, One of my passions and gifts is being an soul energy artist  (Soul-Animations, Inc.), creating works of art that connect to the Divine Universe manifesting personal soul energy readings or commissioned pieces of art that create beauty, energy and power. My energy pieces have been utilized  on an energy decorative level to a personal energy conduit/vortex that creates an environment for healing and etc. I have successfully worked in the real estate field as a luxury Estate Agent and I am also a Personal Fitness Trainer motivating others physically and mentally. 

I have attended seminary and have started many ministries that include feeding the homeless, teaching, prayer, healing, youth groups and the prophetic ministry.  Coming from abusive relationships in my past I have a special place in my heart for the abused.  After having  my near death experience and my spiritual encounters connected to this event in my life, my views on life spiritually, physically and psychologically have taken on a new powerful metamorphosis.  Through the understanding and connection of our expanded consciousness our souls can bloom allowing our essence to flourish in this world to help others by being a conduit of God's Love and Divine power.  We are multitalented souls in these human frames and I am here to help those whose energy is "stuck", and are in need of spiritual release.  I am a writer and I also have a website called that I share my deep insights to others.  I am presently working on my autobiography " Ruby Slippers", which is an account of my life which has spanned not only time, countries, marriages, near death experience, mafia, tragedy, miracles, abuse, loss, triumph, and powerful transformation and Divine intervention.  

I am was born in Florida and I now live in Los Angeles with my husband David Spellerberg who is a world reknown bronze sculptor Great American Bronze Works, Inc.  We are both lovers off nature and have Cherokee Native American heritage.  My husband is my greatest fan and is one of the top experts of Native American history and spirituality in the country.  Our story is a Divine journey of how it is possible that the Universe has the power to attract and join soul mates together through the law of attraction.

My life is one of courageous love and deep sorrow, which inspires others to have hope even in the worst circumstances having experienced  loss and tragedy.  I found that is was my trust in the Divine and finding soul's authenticity that miraculously saved my life and opened my eyes to the Power that exists inside each of us.  It is through my life experiences the beautiful, ugly, tragic, and overcoming that I have been given the privilege to share with others my gifts, passion, story of pain and joy.  

I am available for speaking engagements, commissioned art or personal Soul-Animation, soul readings through my  energy art, I am a soul reader for those who are seeking direction, as a personal trainer I enjoy helping others transform their lives and bodies and achieving their goals, I consider myself a intense motivator, inspirator and manifestor who loves to share my spiritual journey, transformation and the power of manifesting through my art, teaching and spiritual guidance to help others to do the same.  

My spirituality is one of connectiveness with God, the Universe, to each other and with all things seen, unseen, known and unknown.  Life is defined by moments and to live in these awakened, mindful  moments being assisted and cultivating the powers of synchronicity and serendipity.  It is this awareness that we each have that helps us follow, create, attract, manifest our dreams and destiny.  We are co=Creators with God and the Universe and if we can believe it, we can achieve it!  It is not impossible, it is IM POSSIBLE!

Having spent much time alone in New Mexico in the painted desert where I have experienced the transforming introduction to my soul's voice and experienced a deep spiritual awakening I have learned the Power of Perception!  Learning to understand that it is an inward journey that we all must learn to travel if we are to arrive at wholeness and retrieving our soul loss.  Being rooted in my Native American heritage I also expand my awareness to the powerful use and tools of shamanistic spirituality. 


It is time for us to experience an evolved energy consciousness as we enter a new shift of energy in the Earth and the Universe.  Understanding the principles and power of so many energetics and learning to utilize them in our daily lives to establish harmony, health, wealth, love and peace.  We are entering a time of change!  Let's be the change the world needs to see! 


Thank you for visiting my website and please visit my website, as well.  I invite you to venture through my website's and discover all the multi-faceted avenues that I may help you on your beautiful journey.  Also, please join my blog to keep updated on my writings and videos that I know will help you create the life you know you deserve.  


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