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Personal Mentoring

Are you sick and tired of finding yourself in the same situation, asking yourself, " Why does this always happen to me" or " Why can't I change my life?"

Do you keep procrastinating or are you one of those who start out to accomplish your dreams and then find yourself unfocused and lose your motivation?

NO MORE EXCUSES! No more putting yourself and your life off! Stop asking, "How?" and stop waiting for the perfect time. 

NOW IS THE TIME! What are yo waiting for, your dreams are waiting on you!

Are you not sure what you are seeking but, know you want more joy, fulfillment and the ability to find your soul's purpose?

Find confidence, clarity and direction working with Sonya as your personal mentor and guide. She will help you free yourself from the obstacle, detours and the ability to create opportunities on your journey to awakening and transformation. Sonya will introduce you to many modalities, tools and life skills to help you manifest and connect to the Universe creating a life changing experience.

If you are reading this, you are answering your spirit's call to transformation!


Sonya will connect with you via telephone or skype working with you with her unique energy modalities to help you discover your authentic self or work on a particular area of interest.  

We will heal your past through soul retrieval and inner healing so that you can release yourself from old patterns and cycles that you may be aware of consciously or not aware of subconsciously.

This will be a time of intense personal growth training that will create a new path, or clarify and define the journey you are now on.  Sonya will help you to hear and listen to your soul's voice while developing your intuition guidance in order that you will develop decision making skills that will guide you to manifest in your life without unnecessary obstacles.

These healing, guidance and soul awareness sessions will include direct guidance from Sonya's ability to use specific tools and modalities to give you direction that will help with life decisions that you may be struggling with.  You will learn the ability and power of creating synchronicity in your life that will bring new opportunities.  In these sessions you will learn how to create your sacred space and break free from the barriers that are holding you back from your destiny.  These sessions will open your eyes to your gifts, talents ad  new spiritual tools or sharpen existing gifts that you may already be aware of.  Sonya understands abuse presents, pasts and post traumatic stress syndrome having had experience with these in her life she can help you overcome these intense physical traumas.  Experiencing panic attacks, anxiety disorders, or physically not able to process stress ?  These sessions are personally acclimated to each person's needs and goals in order to achieve the best results to help you reclaim your confidence, health, spiritual compass, self awareness so that you can become the best YOU!  It is your time and it is time to stop seeking more self help teachers, books, conferences to try to find out how to find what you feel is missing.  What yo are seeking is waiting on yo!  Sonya will help you with your shadow work and discover what you are seeking from the inside out and awaken your consciousness to a new awareness of what your life means to you.  It is time for a change!  This is YOUR life and YOU are worth it!  Stop spending money on things that don't really have any log lasting results and team up with Sonya and begin your new life.  YOUR TIME IS NOW......PERMISSION GRANTED!

Sonya is available for  free discussion if you would like to consider whether this powerful course for your soul is for you.  Please fee free to contact her and discuss your intentions.  Sonya considers every person's soul valuable ad this is her soul's calling to help others free themselves, receive healing and connection to the power of God, the Universe and guides. Sonya holds t the belief of spirituality and does not hold any religious dogma.  It does not matter what faith, belief or position you may hold to on your journey Sonya is here to help your soul one on one.  If you have ever thought about making a serious change in your life now is the time and you are in the right place.  Contact Sonya now and you will find that your life can be the powerful life you have always wanted and know you are destined to have.


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