Sonya's talent exceeds just the artistic ability of creating abstract displays of color and texture.  Sonya is passionate about capturing different modalities of energy onto her canvas.  Each work of art is a masterpiece of an her spiritual gifts displaying  through her powerful connection to Spirit as a  conduit using color, texture and form that emanates a powerful message through energy.  Her art has been used to help others in their life's journey in healing, soul readings, cleansing, changing or establishing specific energy of rooms.  Art is so much more to Sonya than just a painting, or a talent to be used, art is a Divine connection to Source that carries within it the power to help others spiritually, mentally, physically and esthetically creating sacred spaces for personal or business.  Having the opportunity to enjoy a soul reading session through her captivating art or experiencing her art visually in person, one can have the opportunity to see so much more than just seeing a painting.  There is magnetic auric energizing force that her art embodies and emanates through her use of color, texture, and composition that speaks for itself, literally.  It is Sonya's passion and desire to use her gifts of connection  to help other's recognize their own.  Enjoying a soul reading through Sonya's energy painting will definitely leave a lasting impression on any  participant   Sonya would love to create a beautiful masterpiece of energy to fill any room or sacred space you may have. If  you are interested in her services please contact her, through er contact page and she will consider it a privilege to speak with you about your goals.

Love's Denial

       Soul Seer

Buddha's Child

Unbridled Emotion

Lost Child




Cosmic Energy

Lost in Translation


        Hidden Memories

         God is in the Dance

             Bleeding Paint

The Fortune Teller

                 Shadow Love


          Metamorphosis ( 3D)

                    Letting Go

    Metamorphosis ( 3D)

             Lady of Sorrows

            Divine Intervention   


            Manifest Destiny

                    Fire Dancer

             The Twins

                 Twin Flames



              Lady of Sorrows


                God's Prayer


             Medicine Woman

                   Spirit Horse

                 Crystal Soul

             Cosmic Guide


             Crow Mother


   Vasalisa (close up crystals)

            Cherished Emotion




               Spirit Rider


More to come

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