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We are entering into an age of new dimensions, a new shift is occurring though out the world that we have not experienced before.  There are major changes that are occurring that are expanding our awareness and creating a new world, a new planet and a new Universe. At this very moment, in all the dimensions, parallel worlds, vibrational pulls and energetic fields that exist everywhere,  seen and unseen we are evolving as a human race at a rate faster than ever before. This is truly an exciting time to be living in because we are the generation that is experiencing a powerful awakening and connection to our consciousness allowing us to expand our horizons and experience the scientific, spiritual and unexplored dynamics of the evolution of life, science and energy in new ways that we can harness to create change.  All of existence is in a state of "flux" and it is OUR time, ad opportunity to co-create and evolve with these discoveries that we are experiencing and utilize these new tools.  We are called to a higher consciousness of multidimensional lives with the potential to change the world for ourselves, mankind and the generations to come. We have the privileged opportunity through this acquired knowledge to create a new vibration of intention to reach our highest potential.  All that we have been taught,  known and understood in the past concerning who is God, Spirit, Energy, the Universe, vibrational fields and the effects of quantum physics is unfolding into a brilliant expansion of connectivity and knowledge that is dynamic.  It is our moment to make use of these resources to evolve into a this new world, this new beginning of what we are awakening to consciously that has always been available to us.  The spiritual, esoteric, quantam and spiritual laws are unleashing power right before our consciousness awareness.  The world as we have always understood it before is not a place of lack, disconnection. separation, stagnation, predictability, logic or intellectualism. our world is one of perception and we have the power to create through these laws of attraction and intention if we  will embrace these factual discoveries, creative forces, unearthed truths and a new conscious living awareness. We have been gifted this moment of clarity to carry out or purpose and manifest our destiny that each of us were created to manifest.  This is YOUR MOMENT! This your TIME to change YOUR LIFE!  PERMISSION GRANTED!



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Personal Trainer
Me in my studio where I manifest my drea
Dynamo Duo..... Me and Barbie Benton....
Ali McGraw and Me
Barbie Benton and Me
Andre Rush Executive Whitehouse Chef_edi
Me and the baseball legend Mike Lieberth
Adam Sandler and Muah!
Sylvester Stallone_edited
Me and my husband master sculptor on our
My dear friend Elaine Schwenk
Painted horse
Making Dreams a Reality!
Me and Sophia Vagara _-) a Sweety_edited
Country Music Hall of Fame!
Arnold's (The Terminator) Birthday Party
Jacki Fun my spiritual mentor and lifelo
Sly Stallone
James Cameron the producer of Titanic, A
Me and the one and only WILLIE NELSON!
My Beautiful Family!
Behind us on the cross is another one of
Arnold Schwarzneggar
Sylvester Stallone
David and Glen Campbell



Sonya Kay Spellerberg

5310 Derry Avenue

Suite W

Agoura Hills, California



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